Teaching and Learning

I taught at the high school level for 21 years, retiring in 2012. I taught computer-aided drafting (CAD), technology education, and computer programming to grades 9-12. I also built the school's web site, beginning in 1996, and continued developing the site through the end of the 2012 school year. The site had many unique applications including a student-wide messaging system, a meeting scheduler, a facilties inventory database, and a student/counselor appointmenet maker. All teachers, sports, and clubs could have their own web pages which they manage from an easy-to-use content management system. I also facilitated getting our daily announcements online as a daily video feature, setting up a news studio complete with green screen capabilities.

In my own area I placed quite a bit of content online, virtually eliminating the need for paper handouts. Since I'm no longer with the school, I decided to place all the content I developed for my classes online should anyone like access to it.

The subject areas are:


  • Drafting 1 - basic techniques, sketching, introduction to CAD, architecture, orthographic drawing
  • Drafting 2 - sections, auxilary views, developements, advanced architecture
  • Drafting 3 - gears, introduction to CNC millings, architecture
  • Drafting 4 - student selected

  • Computer Programming

  • Programming 1 - basic programmig, variables, loops, conditionals, files, web site design, gaming
  • Programming 2 - PHP programming
  • Programming 3 - PHP and mySQL
  • Programming 4 - student selected

  • Technology Education

    This course focused on how technology has impacted careers. We looked at skills required of the 21st-century learner by using a variety of technologies to solve design problems. We also look at career choices, personal finance, and workplace skills.