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Below is a listing of various Tech Ed assignments. Select your assignment to view its details.

Name Description Format *
Career Presentation Build a presentation about a career Whole Class
Introduction to Drafting Technology Learn the basics of multi-view sketching and then learn how to do them in AutoCAD. Whole Class
Introduction to House Design Learn the basics architectural design by sketching a plan for a house and the rendering it in 3D on the computer. Click here to view of design gallery. Whole Class
Introduction to Alternative Energy Design, build, and test an alternative energy device. Whole Class
Web Page Design Build a web site for a business. Whole Class
Lego Mindstorms NXT Learn how to program robot behaviors into a movable robot. Whole Class

* Format

Whole Class - We do these assignments with everyone in the class doing the project at the same time.

Individual - These assignments are done during the portion of the class where students are rotating through a series of projects as individuals or with partners. Not everyone does the same assignment at the same time.

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