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Featured Applications

The applications featured from this page are projects I have developed for use on other web sites or to function as a web site itself. Some of these are free to use from this site, others require a licensing fee. If you are interested in the latter, contact me through the Contact Page.


This is a free to use, web-based application that functions as a teleprompter. It is exremely simple to use. Select how you want your text displayed (size, black on white or white on black, words per line, etc.), paste you text into a box, and you have your text displayed as requested.

Go to the teleprompter

Online TimeKeeper

This web-based application can replace your time clock and paper time card. Not only does it move employee time keeping to the web, but it provides various reports for your payroll, tracks employee hours by task, and keeps track of accrued vacation, holiday, and other non-regular hours.

This application is available through our partner, S M Grau, CPA, Accounting.

Event Results

This application handles the display of race results. The type of race could be running, bicycle, skiing, or any other similar event. It is easy to use and only requires a minimum of set up. You "upload" your data in a spreadsheet format and the results are immediatly avaialable and fully searchable.

Click here to see the application in use.

If you are interested in this application, contact me through the Contact Page.

Animal Shelter Management

This is a very feature-rich application that an animal shelter can use to manage their inventory. While is has the standard content management system to create and edit web pages for a comprehensive web site, it also have the ability to display pets with photographs and identifying information.

Click here to learn more about this application.

If you are interested in this application, contact me through the Contact Page.