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I've dabbled in computer programming since 1978 when I wrote my first piece of software, a bevel gear cutting data calculator, in BASIC, on a DEC-PDP 11. I graduated to an Apple][ and wrote a variety of applications in AppleSoft, notably a payroll package optimized for small contractors. Years later I learned GW-Basic, QuickBasic, PERL, JavaScript, Lingo, and SmallBasic. Today I write primarily in PHP and use that with MySQL.

I've taught computer programming as part of my high school Technology Education classes. (I retired from teaching in 2012.) We did an introductory unit in a first semester class and in my Computer Application Design classes we go into more depth as we work our way through QuickBasic and PHP, along with web site design, graphics, and animation. My approach is to learn programming as just another application, just like a word processor or a computer-aided drafting program. We use it to solve problems. I do not teach programming as part of a computer science curriculum but as another way to utilize a computer as a tool.

On this site you'll find links to projects written in several languages. My goal is to move most of what I've written over the past 25 years to these pages to share with others.

You will find some additional programs for the do-it-yourselfer on my Robotics page.