CodeCooker Videos

Like my interest in the "backroom" of photography, my interest in video is also on the post-production side. In the 60s, I expiremented with an 8mm camera and a film splicer, finding that I enjoyed the editing process. Leap several decades into the future and we have digital video and non-linear editing that makes all things possible.

The bulk of my video production has been the yearly documentation of the Billings Senior High cross country team for whom I was assistant coach. I started using a VHS camera and an editing bay at Community 7 Television, but graduated to a mini-DV format and using Adobe Premiere. Each year I would produce a highlights video of each race and a compilation of the season that we would show at our end-of-season banquet. I also maintained the web site and the videos were archived there. During our 2006 cross country season the girls team was invited to particpate at the Nike Team Nationals. I documented the trip and the race and had great fun doing so.

You will find the season highlights videos in the links of the left or click here.

I've also done many family videos, none of which I'll be sharing here, and I've had fun just playing with the camera and the editing software. I'll put some of that output in the Miscellany link.

During my tenure teaching computer-aided drafting, I put up many videos demostrating how to draw an object in AutoCAD. I've included some of those in the galleries.

My weekly production of Watching the Radio, a show that airs on Community 7 Television, allows me to mix video production with my interest in Old Time Radio. In this video I play an old time radio show on television. What about the picture? It's of a 1940-ish radio that listeners can "watch" while they listen, just like people did in that bygone era. I've provided a link to some of these shows on the left.