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While changing a roll of toilet paper may seem like a simple, or even mundane, task, there apparently is a large portion of the population who is unable to perform this task. This is evidence by the number of times one views this situation in the toilet area:

Some may conclude that the process of changing the roll of toilet paper is so difficult that it not the fault of the person who neglected to perform the operation. However, the state of the current technology involved makes the task relatively easy compared to technology of yore:


The Current State of the Technology

Today, the range of toilet paper holders goes from the simple:


to the complex:


However, most home-based units are of the simple variety that consist of two brackets between which a telescoping, spring-loaded tube is placed. The toilet paper roll is installed with the telescoping tube located in the center of the roll's core.

On this site we will look at the steps involved in doing a complete replacement of an expire roll of paper with a fresh one, including proper orientation of the the first sheet and disposal of the spent core.

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