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Upholstery repair is an expensive undertaking if one will be using the services of a local specialty shop. While you can be nearly guaranteed that the job will meet your satisfaction, for some of the we prefer to DIY (Do It Yourself) approach for several reasons:

  • we are parsimonious
  • we want to acquire a new skill
  • It's an excuse to buy new tools
  • the satisfaction of doing it ourselves

On this site I will walk you through the process I used to build up new seats in my 1959 Volvo PV 544. This is a car that I bought in 1977, a story that you can read about here. The car hand languished a bit and the interior had become a victim of entropy, not that it was in great shape in 1977.

A visit to an upholstery shop brought home the reality that if I had them do the job, the most valuable part of the car would be interior. With mechnical and electrical issues to be dealt with, and the five bullet point above to be considered, I ventured into DIY upholstery.

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Materials and Tools Required - Instructions - The DIY Upholstery Quiz

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