The 80-some Reels Project

Content found:
360 hours, 48 minutes in 632 files

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As I went through this process I only encountered a few issues, primarily tapes that had the sticky-shed sydrome that required extra cleaning.  Some were so bad they were unplayable.

The first set of reels, from 0-50 or so were quite interesting in that they were a combination of recordings off LPs or from a Chicago radio station.

The second bunch, from reel 51 or so on, were of poorer audio quality.

The last bunch, the last 20 reels, were in really poor shape.  They were extremely dirty and the audio quality was poor.

Assuming that these all came from the same person, it is interesting to note their change in musical taste over time from psychedelic rock and folk to country to pop.  The dates ranged from the later 1960s to the mid-1980s based on the release dates of the music and the dates that appeared on some of the boxes.