Unlocking a Combination Lock
Using a Stepper Motor

Project Description
In this project you will use a stepper motor to unlock a standard combination lock. The power of this project is that it uses an old computer such as a 286, 386, or 486 and a few parts that should cost less than $5.00.

Instead of building from scratch I have repurposed one of the robots from my previous robotics project. You can read up on that project here.

How-To the Build Unlocking Device
Instructions An overview and description of how to build the unlocking device.
Schematics and Drawings An electronic schematic of the device. This is a repurposing of the robotics schematic.
Pictures Pictures, showing the device connected to a lock including a video of it working.
The Software This is the software used. The complete annotated source code is provided as well as a executable copy. It's very alpha but it demonstrates the basic concept.

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