Panasonic RS-805

When, in 2018, I decided to get back into vintage hi-fi, I browsed online auctions for various items and stumbled upon the world of the 8-track, again. I'd been an 8-track user since the 1960s and still played some of my old tapes, which I had learned how to maintain. That there was so much 8-track equipment and tapes out there surpised me almost as much as how inexpensive it all is. Some areas of hi-fi collecting can be fairly pricey but 8-tracks is not one of them.

This particular player came to me from an auction in June 2018 for about $30. I gave it the usual tune-up, lube, and cleaning and it turns out that this is a nice little player. I really like the fast-forward and auto-eject features which I use to find the splices in new/old tapes. It pops the tape out and the splaice it right there, ready to be replaced.

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Updated December 2020.