Honda QA 50

How I acquired this bike is, well, maybe not worth going into but let's just say it found it's way to me in the early 1990s and I gave it a good home. It got some use when the kids were young and they had fun riding around the backyard and jumping over a pile of dirt we'd built up. After that, it more or less sat for some years while other things took their attention.

Move ahead some years and the younger son, a motorcycle geek, decided the QA50 needed some love and went through it, giving it a good cleaning, a tune up, etc. and it's now back to ready-to-ride state. The only problem with the bike is a known error in the transmission that causes it to pop in and out of 2nd gear. There are instructions online for how to remedy this, something about a cam and a spring, but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

I do ride it around the yard a few times each year and it is a fun little bike but I think it's destined to eventually go to the motorcycle geek.

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Updated April 2021.