1973 Honda Civic

When my wife moved to California she was driving some beast of a station wagon. It didn't take long before we got rid of that and picked up this '73 Honda Civic that a friend was selling, the same friend who had sold me my 1976 Honda CB750 motorcycle. We had the Civic for a few years and only got rid of it when we had our first child and needed something that was easier to put the car seat in and out of.

This was great little car. The only problem I remember having with it was when the timing belt broke on it. She was driving on the San Diego freeway when it happened but was able to coast off at Cheery Street and give me a call. We towed it home and I replaced the belt, putting it back on the road again. Luckily it wasn't an intereference engine.

Sadly, I haven't come across any pictures of but I am still looking.

Updated April 2021.