Army Years - Part 5

While not necessarily falling under the definiton of "fine art" a series of snapshots can form a narrative and convey a sense of time and place. The photos below do that, transporting me back 40-some years, and telling stories long forgotten.

The view out my window in the barracks

Another view out my room window. Common sight, guys hanging out, chatting

Outside the Special Services building. I believe this was the director who had organized a game day for us.

On one of the road trips with my roommate, Pat, in his Opel Commodore

A lightning storm seen from the barracks.

Looking west from the Special Services building. I shot this because there were about 5 different light sources, each with a different color temperature.

Roommate Larry posed for me in the multiple flash exposure.

Grab shot outside of Hertie in Mainz, a department store chain that has since closed.

Me, shooting me in the photo lab. Rolliecord VB camera and Gossen LunaSix 3 light meter.

Me, hanging out. I don't think this was in my room based on the title of the book on the table: "Enemy Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees'" Someone must have been studying for a promotion..

The next page is all about photography processes I did while in Germany.

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Updated December 2020.