The Brownie

While I no longer have this camera, it was a Kodak Brownie Starmite. It was a very simple, point and shoot camera with a built in flash that used AG1 flashbulbs. It took 127 roll film. As far I remember I only shot black and white film with this camera. After shooting a roll, the film was dropped off at the base exchange at Pearl Harbor for developing and printing. In the examples below, the prints came back in a square format with a deckled edge.

My photo album

A typical page. Clockwise from top left: My sister and our bird, Kam. My dad and I working on projects. A gravestone at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at the Punchbowl crater. My dad and a fellow naval officer working a puzzle. 1963

A project built with my Erector set. 1963

A view of Honolulu from the Punchbowl crater. 1963

My sister standing in front of the family car. 1963

My sister outside our house on McMorris Drive, Honolulu. 1963

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