Industrial Era - Part 2

I worked for that first engineering and construction company from 1979 to 1988, leaving when the owner retired. Since I wasn't interested in taking the company on because of my teaching plans, I went to work, temporarily, for another outfit doing something completely different, TI (tenant improvement) projects which turned out be building Subway sandwich shops, five of them. In 1989 or so, I left that job and went back to California State University, Long Beach to upgrade my degree to include the new curriculum area known as Technology Education and to take the basic education classes so I could student teach and obtain a teaching license. Just by chance, an engineer I'd known in the past called and hired me to do straight drafting/design work for him and let me work around my school hours. My photography tended to be in the realm of family snapshots during this time.

However, prior to all of that I was very productive. I did quite a bit more black and white work, made a few trips to the desert, both Joshua Tree National Monument and Death Valley National Park, got very serious about combining posterization with silk screen printing, studied both motion blur and stop-action effects, did a whole university independent study in food photography, and took a fine printing class that really stretched me.

Here is some of the work I did from about 1979 to 1990:

This is only a small sample and doesn't include the posterizations/screen prints I did but that process is covered in the Workshop section in the menu on the left.

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Updated January 2021.