Artist Biography

Vince Long (b. 1952, Long Beach, CA) comes to the study of art after working in several past careers, gaining a myriad of life experiences which provides a skill set enhanced by a range of hobbies, interests, and passions. He left a successful career in engineering and construction to answer a calling, becoming a high school technology teacher which he did for 21 years, garnering many awards including the National Educator Award from the Milken Family Foundation. After retirement, always interested in new opportunities, he began pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art at Montana State University-Billings where drawing and photography are his areas of interest.

Reflecting on six decades of living, learning, working, and playing, he sees connections among all of these activities and infuses them into his work. Favoring form and drawing from that background in the engineering and design world, he embeds his favorite shapes into the work whether it be in sculpture or drawing or ceramics. He is experimental in processes and materials, particularly analog photography, and uses his natural curiosity to propel his investigation into life which then informs his art. His work has three times been selected as part of the Juried Student Exhibition at Montana State University-Billings.