The Cookbook - My Adventure With Grains

I created this cookbook as part of a drawing class where, over the course of a semester, we were to keep a sketchbook, making several drawings per week, on a theme of some sort. I decided to record what I baked during the semester and things related to doing so. I also included a few brewing recipes that I had done in the past. The entire book was made by hand. The covers were made in a printmaking class by use of linoleum cutting and the pages were drawn and handlettered in graphite and/or colored pencil.

You can download a PDF of the entire cookbook by clicking here. Note, it is 63 megabytes.

Go to the Front Cover and step through the pages

Table of Contents

Title Page
Tool for Baking
Tools for Brewing
Yeast - A Friendly Fungus
Bread Basics - Title Page
A First Loaf
Bread Sticks (Image)
Driving Through Grain Country (Image)
Meal in Bismarck (Image)
Hunter Grains (Image)
Burrito in Pittsburgh (Image)
Primanti Brothers Meal in Pittsburgh (Image)
The Pretzel
Making a Sourdough Starter
The Shapes of Bread (Image)
More Shapes of Bread
A Dark Bread
Biscuits and Gravy
Biscuits and Gravy - continued
Basic Sourdough Bread
A Light Loaf (Image)
Gluten the Easy Way
Gluten and Rice with Beans
Solar Sausage
Solar Oven
Cajun Spice Sourdough Crackers
The Signature Loaf
The Ploughmans Lunch (Image)
Cottage Bread
Beer - The Other Fermented Grains
Porter Ale
India Pale Ale
Pumpkin Ale
Aztec Ale
Grain Burgers
Puff Pastry
Feta Foldovers
Breakfast Pizza
Graiiny Cakes
Chili-Cheese Crackers
A Stalk of Grain (Image)
Notes and Resources
About This Book
A Bread Spread (Image)
Back Cover