Exhibition Statement

"Circles of Construction"

Vince Long - April 2022

Destruction -----> Construction -----> Enlightenment/creativity

The attraction to the use of the circle in my work goes back over 60-years to the height of the Cold War and threat of annihilation by nuclear weapons. Maps of the era indicated potential destruction zones based on how far away one would be from a detonation, levels of damage shown by concentric circles placed over geographic map. Living just outside Pearl Harbor Naval Base at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis allowed those maps to be imprinted on my memory. The reality of this was reinforced a decade or so later when I found myself assigned to work as a guard on a nuclear missile site.

In the waning years of the Cold War, I didn't escape these circles of destruction when I found myself living in an active earthquake zone where the potential for destruction was also represented in concentric shapes that followed the geography both on the surface and below it.

For this exhibition I have created work that confronts these "Circles of Destruction" by repurposing them as "Circles of Construction," building new meanings in my life about them. Motivated by my curiosity about processes, I am using processes, forms, and techniques in a quest to find a more calming and uplifting emotional state and a new context in which to think about concentric circles and shapes.