Contact Name: Vince Long
Montana State University - Billings

The Northcutt Steele Gallery at Montana State University - Billings features Circles of Construction, the capstone exhibition of work by Vince Long beginning April 4 and continuing through April 15 with a reception on April 7 from 5-7pm. This exhibition explores the artist's reaction to growing up during the Cold War and the imagery of that era that embedded in his memory as circular maps of potential destruction zones. In his current work he repurposes those shapes as he constructs new memories moving from the threats of chaotic destruction to order and serenity.

Influenced by the Constructivists, Surrealists, Orphists and the artists of the Bauhaus, as well as his own background working in industry, the work in this show tells its story with a nod to geometric abstraction and is produced with collage, drawing, watercolors, photography, and mosaic.

The exhibition is designed to engage the viewers, prompting them to linger and rewarding them for discovering the nuances found in each work.

Vince Long. Circles of Construction #2, 2021, watercolor on paper, 22"w x 15"h.

Vince Long. Serenity, 2021. Ink on paper. 30"w x 22"h.

The Northcutt Steele Gallery is located on the first floor of the Liberal Arts building on the Montana State University Billings campus. The gallery, which is supported in part by funds from ASMSUB (Associated Students of MSUB) is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information visit or