Structural Flexibility, 2019, alder and walnut, 6' x 3' x 2'.

In the class I was in, Sculpture 1, we were given a rough-cut slab of alder and the prompt of "structure." I went from there, first making a set of detailed drawings and making a prototype out of some scrap wood. I then continued by running the slab through the jointer and surface planer in the school studio. I then took it home and did the remaining operations on my table and miter saws with various jigs to build all the individual pieces. I used walnut to make a splined miter joints, selecting walnut for its darker color to contrast and show off the joint. I assembled half of the triangles complete and the other half I only joined two sides. Once all the glue was dry and I had trimmed and sanded the pieces, I used the second pieces with only two sides as link joints, bringing two completed triangles together, and adding the third side, completing the final assembly. I finished trimming and sanding and left the wood unfinished. It has a wonderfull feel and makes a great sound when moving the chain around. I used the leftover pieces of alder to make the 3 triangles over which the chain is draped, using a walnut stain to finish those.

The Making

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