The Wishing Well, 2019, steel, pvc, artificial flowers, nylon cord, 6' x 3' x 3'.

In Sculpture 1, we were assigned a project to build a structure out of 1/4" steel rod, and anything else, that was taller than ourselves and the work was not completed until the viewer interacted with it. My idea was to construct a piece that would open a discussion about the use of oil and the environment. I decided to build an oil derrick and out of the well pipe a crank, operated by the viewer, would draw up a bouquet of flowers, artificial ones, that were made from oil derivitives.

I started by drawing a 3D model in SketchUp. The advantage of this was that I could get the actual lengths of the various pices right off the drawing. I cut and labeled the rods and then did the welding. I fabricated a crank out of rod and scrap and mounted the pvc pipe which I painted black. The flowers were a Dollar Store find and the cord was something I had laying around. After the class critique it ended up sitting in Outer Gallery in the Art depeartment for a while before taking up permanent residence in my backyard where it is enjoyed by the chickadees and the sparrows.

The Making

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