The Found Objects Lamp, 2019, steel, acrylic tube, keyboard caps, wood, compact disks, electrical lighting components, computer parts, 10" deep x 24" wide x 4'-4" high.

In a Sculpture 1 class I took we were given an assignemnt to construct a piece using found objects. The project was quite wide open but there was to be some content embedded in it that was influenced by the sources and backgrounds of the objects used.

The found objects I selected included lumber, computer componetnt such as keyboard caps, circuit boards, and hard drive platters, 1/4" steel rod leftover from another project, an old fluorescent light and ballast, and a piece of acrylic tubing.

Other elements that I included in the specifications were that the object be utilitarian, have some art deco influences, show intentionality in the design, and have an interesting narrative. To accomplish this I created a story where I wondered what would happen to found objects of the present if they were sent into the past in a time machine. What would the people make of these strange objects? I decided they would turn them into a lamp.

Here is the short graphic storybook about sending the object back in time.
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This is a PDF of my design notes and sketches. Click to open it.

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